Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Brush With Quixtar

I said I wouldn't post about Quixtar anymore, but reading through Standing Order Tapes (link on sidebar) reminded me of an experience I had last month. I'll also quote the things that reminded me.

My ESS meetings are always at 8:00 PM on Thursdays in a certain lounge in the GBJ Student Center on campus. I arrived early from dinner with my girlfriend and decided to chill in the lounge and read until the other members arrived. I opened the door and walked in to find all of our couches and tables pushed to one side of the room, with a bunch of chairs arranged presentation-style towards one wall. A guy and a girl, both rather attractive and charismatic, were putting the room together for some kind of show. I noticed several things that made me immediately realize it was Quixtar:
1. They were both well-dressed, like they were going to a formal. The guy was clean-shaven. He didn't even have any stubble, so he had shaved recently. Close-cropped, gelled and styled hair. He had an earring hole but no earring. "Your look is key. You must dress ‘successfully’, for men, you should not have facial hair. Tongue rings are certainly a no no. No long hair, no piercing, etc. Doug talks about wearing his ‘uniform’. 'Dress a step above and better than the people you are around.'"
2. They had those irritating flashcard packets sitting on the table. They also had some books and other motivational supplies ready-at-hand. "Jake says, "This is the number one secret: The Britt System…You must learn how to promote and edify…if you will plug into it at all cost, it will give you life and a life of more abundance.' And Doug confirms, 'I also figured out that the Britt System was the key, and if I was going to sponsor people, I had to have the books and tapes to get them started right.'"
3. They had some Quixtar-brand foods, all half-consumed (or thrown away/poured out) around their stations, like they'd been enjoying a snack. "Doug pounds hard on personal use, suggesting that people are not getting in their business because they do not believe. Doug even tells people plainly to buy products they do not have a use for so that they can at least say they use it. Jake confirms with a joke about panty-hose."

I stood in the door for a little, surveying the scene, when they finally notice me.
"Are you here for the meeting?" Asked the girl. She and the fella put on huge grins and opened their body posture immediately.
"No, actually, I have a meeting here in a half-hour."
"Oh," replied the guy. "Well, if you wanted this room you should have reserved it..." He glanced at the reservation board. "Oh wow... I see..." He looked really uncomfortable, but he still tried to hold that grin.
"Do you REALLY need the room?" The girl asked, smiling as sweetly as ever. I think she might've even given me Bambi eyes.
"Yeah, we reserved it."
"Oh, ok. We'll get right out of your way, then." The guy packed up his bag, picking up the food and making sure I saw the labels before he put it away. They moved towards the exit. He looked at me expectantly. "You want me to move these back to where they were?" I stopped, wondering why he didn't just do it, since he had messed it up.
"I guess it's fine if you don't... if you're in a hurry..."
"Nonsense," he replied. "I'd be glad to do it." He didn't move yet, however.
"One last thing," she began, "Would you be interested in an opportunity for free money?"
"No, thank you," I replied. Her smile fell.
"What do you mean, no? Don't you like money?" The guy shifted uncomfortably next to her.
"Not if I'm earning it through an MLM."
"MLM? What's that?" She almost sounded honest.
"Multi-Level Marketing? You guys are with Quixtar, right?"
She placed her hands on her hips, pouting at me indignantly. "Oh, you think you know about that, huh?"
"I know enough about it. I know it's not something I want to do."
"Well, that's fine," The guy said. If I were close enough, he might have pattted me on the head. "This kind of opportunity is not for everyone. It's understandable if you don't want to take it." They left, leaving behind the mess of chairs and tables for me to fix.


Blogger Hae-Kwang said...

Wow. I've heard from my upline and diamonds and etc. in the business (while I was an active IBO - according to the company I'm still an IBO but I'm not renewing when the time comes) to treat people with dignity, or something like that, even if they refuse the business. My upline's reasoning was that they may later want to get in so you have to always keep that door open. But even if they don't, I figure it's always good to be nice to people no matter what.

Stinks that they left you to fix the room although the guy said he would. How rude.

10:17 PM, January 06, 2006  
Blogger truth said...

HMMM, now why do I have this urge to bet that had you been interested in this opportunity they would have helped you put the room all back together and all the while talked to you about your dreams and goals. Maybe you should have pretended to be interested to get the room back in order....Naah, on second thought the physical work is better then the mental anguish, good call!!

10:54 PM, January 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

QUIX-TAR is like sinking in quick sand or (Tar) how fitting the name. Shame on them for targeting college students with illusions of riches, freedom of college debt and such. It is truly a form of brain-washing to those that are not wise to the ways of amway scamway.

8:42 PM, January 09, 2006  
Blogger xanadustc said...

For a scary point, anon, I saw the plan in the summer befor my last year in college. I said I like what I do, but would be interested in paying off my student loan faster. I had $5800 in loans, I signed up (a few months later).

Now, I am looking for a way to pay off my $27,000 in student loans that I took to pay off the credit cards that I used to become a full-fledged cult member!

Woe is me

6:45 AM, January 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:01 AM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger Ed Manley said...

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